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Customers  and growing…


over 160 happy customers

From business owners, small, medium or corporate , Hosted Services  helps thousands of users create them own experience.


frequent updates

You can count on us to consistently improve  performance and release updates, making sure your business  runs even more agile, with more functionality!


Featured in Acclaimed Business

Our solutions  is humbled and proud to be showcased in many critically acclaimed businesses , praised for its customizability and versatility.


pre-built scenarios

With hundreds of ready-to-use templates, tailor made for every type of industry, you’ll be able to launch your own solution in no time! If you’d rather build your solution  from scratch, enjoy limitless customizability and options to create your own vision down to the last detail.

not just agile

Not only agile, it also adapts to every business solution!   That’s not all though—our team of finicky perfectionists has tested our entire solutions  and all of its elements,  and scenarios  on every device and business  we could get our hands on!

adoptive highly  agile

Hosted solutions  are  designed for every industry  fully  agile. It embraces the latest solutions to make your business  look crisp, well-designed and professional on all devices. While all elements are re-scalable to look sharp by default.

Outstanding Support

Count on a Support Team that works around the clock to provide quick and thorough solutions to help you keep your site running perfectly.

Unparalleled Customizability

Experience unheard of customizability with a wide variety of options and features that let you create your site exactly how you envisioned.

Smooth And Fluent

You need a solution  that’s intuitive and easy to navigate. Hosted offers an accessible and user friendly platform that empowers your creativity.

Used By Thousands

Over 73000 users have put their stamp of approval on Hosted solutions they can trust and rely on to grow their business.

Faster Than Ever Before

Your business needs to be fast and light! With hosted , you’ll never have to worry.

Advanced Solution  Options

Take advantage of a variety of advanced theme options that boost your customizing capabilities. With Hosted, the possibilities are endless!

Dozens Of Solution  Types

Functional solution  design. That’s what Hosted’s all about. With dozens of features and options, create a highly interactive and functional solutions  that customers will love.

good words. good people.

80000+ happy customers

Hosted is the home of solutions.

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